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What Anthony Bourdain did for food and travel, I want to do for cities and smart tech everywhere.

Somebody needs to scout out the upside and the downside of smart cities. Why not me?

Come join me, The Hat, for insights and advice from pros on smart traffic, sensors for air, noise and water and trends in managing all that data. Machine learning and open data will impact health and quality of life for residents, workers and visitors in dramatic ways.


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SmartCityScout offers access to all types of media content for use by private industry, city governments  and average citizens.  There will be articles, videos, expert opinions and special content for subscribers.

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Check back here for upcoming conferences in cities around the globe.

Real-life stories matter

Actual quotes from city CIOs, analysts and more will help keep fake news at bay and offer real insights about what works or doesn't in the emerging smart city scene.

Green lives!

No matter how busy or crowded a city becomes, technology to enhance the use of green space and the food supply will become more urgent in coming years.

The big news

You may think you know about how to run a smart city, but it helps to peek at the big ideas, maybe from a city you never heard of.

FAQs and inspiration

You have big ideas, so it helps to parse them out in simple form.  This poster was hung near the ceiling at Norman House in Montreal, a tech incubator.